Welcome to mooseland

Mooseland is a modern animal park where you can see moose, red deer, fallow deer and roe in their natural environment. They live in the game that's over 35,000 square meters. The area consists of deciduous forest, field and a small bog. In the summer one can say that they live in a large pentry. In the winter, we bring in lots of pine-twigs, fodder beets, concentrated feed and apples. Moose are categorized quality-browsers which means that only the best parts are approved as food. Their sense of smell is 200 times better than humans, and about 4 times better than Alsatians. If you have an opportunity to feed a moose, you can note that they always smell first on what is served. Mooses sometimes stand on their knees when they graze on a field which can look a little strange. Some also choose to eat in this way, not just ruminating, but also actively eating. Just as we humans, mooses have different taste. Our mooses are eating all kinds of leaves except lime. And they love apples.

If you visit the king of the forest and his subjects in Moose-land or in any other animal park, remember that you "only" are a temporary visitor who are on the border of their territory where they live all the time. The bull can check this against the one he has not seen before. If the neighbour of the Moose-land, Jan, who is also the photographer of most of the pictures, comes to visit he is now in the circle of the celebrities of the bull.

Respect that animals just like people have little need for physical activity at its warmest hours of the day.

Welcome to visit the king. The main entrance kiosk has ice cream and soft drinks. If you have a picnic basket, there are seatings at the entrance, by the animals and at the lake where there is also a barbecue.

In the summer we feed the animals at 17 PM

Open:11-17   15/6-31/8         
Other time saturdays 14-16 or after agreement on tlf.
Entry fee adult: 100 Skr Junior: 50 Skr



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